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Company Profile

Professional Objective

Columbia Northwest Engineering, P.S. is dedicated to serving clients by providing professional services that can carry a project from concept through final completion. Our mission is to provide professional engineering, land surveying, and planning services to our clients that meet or surpass expectations.

The implementation of each project is based on a clear understanding of the client’s budget, schedule, and project needs. We are committed to this ideal. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing innovative, functional, and practical solutions for timely, cost-effective projects.

Company History

Columbia Northwest Engineering, P.S. is a consulting firm offering professional engineering and land surveying services to Washington State clients since 1992.

We are pleased to have a staff trained and experienced in all areas of civil engineering, infrastructure planning, design, and construction as well as land development. Our staff includes licensed professional engineers, licensed land surveyors, and a professional planner. We provide services that are specifically geared to assist communities and businesses, either as support to their existing engineering personnel, or to provide services on an as-needed basis to those communities and businesses that require additional engineering resources to meet their needs.

Our clients include many local government agencies as well as private sector businesses. We have developed strong relationships with our clients based on high quality, professional, and ethical services.

We have an on-going commitment to provide our staff with modern, up to date equipment and training including the incorporation of the latest civil engineering, land development, and surveying technology including GPS and robotic surveying equipment.

Services Provided

Columbia Northwest Engineering’s, services include surveying, design, and construction administration for the following types of projects and studies:

  • Critical Area Surveys
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Plats
  • Boundary Surveys
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Commercial Site Surveys & Developments
  • Streets & Roadways
  • Water/Sewer System Studies
  • DOH Source Approval for Water Systems
  • Municipal and Irrigation Water Reservoirs, Piping and Supply Systems
  • Lift and Pump Stations
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Storm/Sewer Systems
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Growth Management Plans
  • Pedestrian & Bike Trails
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Commercial & Residential Subdivisions
  • Airport Pavement Rehabilitation Support Services
  • Traffic Studies
  • Septic Systems
  • Developer Impact Studies
  • Structural
  • Land Use Planning & Permitting
  • Project Permitting

Agency Interaction

We have extensive experience dealing with and working with government entities. We understand their various requirements and permitting needs from conception through completion. Grant/loan funded projects require extensive record keeping, inspection, and documentation. We are trained and staffed to meet these funded project requirements.

We enjoy on-staff experience with grant applications, including knowing what agencies are looking for in an application. We know how an application should be structured for maximum effect and what federal and/or state regulations may govern the granting agencies. We are knowledgeable with project management issues and final closeout requirements for state and federal grant/loan funded projects.

Municipal Engineering

We offer a full range of services including: planning, surveying, design, site plan and specification preparation, construction staking, construction observation, contract administration, construction management, peer review, and closeout services for all types of municipal infrastructure projects.

We offer consulting engineering services to municipalities for ongoing projects and for special projects and studies. We are available when a consultant is needed to supplement the municipality's existing staff. Construction oversight services are also available to monitor construction of public improvements for conformance with agency ordinances and requirements.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

We have extensive experience in wastewater treatment and are capable of producing capacity studies, needed projections, and assisting in development of feasibility studies and reports for our client’s specific needs.

Services include planning and design of distribution and collection systems, as well as small treatment facilities. We are experienced in providing these services for individual residences, industries, municipalities, and special districts.


All phases of surveying/drafting work are offered. We operate TopCon and Nikon Total Stations with and without robotics. We also utilize the latest in GPS equipment to provide both highly accurate and cost-effective services. Our staff is experienced in field surveying and office calculations. Our professionals are licensed in Washington and Idaho. Our staff of experienced professionals can meet your needs in critical area mapping, boundary surveys, topographic mapping, and construction surveying.

Site Development

Complete civil engineering, surveying, and planning services are available for individual sites, subdivisions, commercial/industrial developments, and government/institutional sites. Services provided during the initial phases include: Boundary and topographic surveys; land use and zoning reviews; plats; drainage and floodplain studies; traffic studies; state highway access permits; utility applications; site grading and erosion control plans; street and utility designs; water and wastewater treatment designs; and utility coordination.

Columbia Northwest Engineering’s established working relationships with the local governmental agencies can be instrumental for clients in gaining project approval. During the construction phase, available services include: contract administration, construction observation, construction staking, and quality control.

Engineering Studies and Surveys

We have the qualified staff and resources to develop the various studies, surveys, and plans that may be required for eligibility to receive Public Works Trust Fund loans, Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loans, Transportation Improvement Board low-interest loans and some grant funds including:

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Water/Sewer Rate Studies
  • Development Fees
  • Developer Impact Studies
  • Growth Management Plans
  • Land-use Planning