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Photo of Philip J Bloom
Philip J Bloom, PE, PLS

Phil has a total of over 32 years experience as a Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor and twenty years experience as President of Columbia Northwest Engineering, PS. Additionally, Phil worked for the City of Moses Lake for eight years. He was Municipal Services Director/City Engineer for three years, supervising three divisions including Engineering, Community Development and Operations (Water / Sewer / Streets) with a combined staff of 31 persons. He worked as City Engineer for five years.

Phil offers 32 years of experience in civil engineering and design, site planning, land surveying and land development services for municipal, residential, industrial and commercial developments. As City Engineer, Phil was responsible for the development of municipal engineering projects; preparation of city ordinances, plat reviews, utility maps, engineering design and contract management of utility and street projects; administration of federal funds certified by Washington State D.O.T.; and the development and maintenance of capital improvement programs for street and utility systems.

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Photo of Del L Green
Del L Green, PE
Operations Manager

Del is a principal engineer with 13 years experience in Civil Design & Engineering, Structural Engineering & Aerospace Engineering. Del has been with Columbia Northwest Engineering for 5 years. Del’s experience as a civil engineer includes: facility operations and maintenance, and civil design for commercial, industrial, and residential development. This includes hydraulic modeling, storm water systems, streets, water systems, sanitary sewer systems, structural systems, and electrical distribution

Del received his bachelors degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering in 1998 from Washington State University and completed a masters in mechanical and aerospace engineering in 2004 from George Washington University in 2004.

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Photo of Connie E Linden
Connie E Linden, PE
Project Manager

Connie's 18 years of experience includes: project management; and, civil design for commercial, industrial, and residential development. This includes hydraulic modeling, storm water systems, streets, water systems, sanitary sewer systems, structural systems, and electrical distribution systems. Additional areas of expertise include: concept development; management and preparation of bid and construction documents including plans, specifications, schedules and engineer’s cost estimates; code review; project coordination with project managers, contracting officers, design-build contractors and design teams including architect, structural, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, transportation and rail engineers, wetland biologists, landscape architects and surveyors. Construction Management including: bidding; construction inspection; punch lists and attendance at construction meetings with clients, contractors and jurisdictional inspectors.

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Photo of Larry Angell
Larry Angell,
Professional Planner

Larry has 33 years of diverse experience in the full range of public and private sector project, environmental and land use planning and permitting. Larry was City Planner/Community Development Director at the City of Moses Lake; Planning Director at Grant County, WA and Community Development Director at Chelan County, WA. Larry has extensive administrative and project management expertise and knowledge regarding local, state and federal land use and environmental regulations. Larry has a long history of successful experience working with local, state and federal agencies in collaborative partnerships and with private sector developers in a wide range of successful project, land use and environmental permitting endeavors.

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Photo of M. Rich Walpole
M. Rich Walpole, PE
Project Manager

Rich is an expert in water right services including; water right buying and selling; change/transfers; and, report of examinations. Rich is the CWS Business Manager and oversees administrative operations, contracts, business cash flow and all other day-to-day business activities.

Rich Walpole has 35 years combined experience in the valve manufacturing industry, piping industry, engineering design, and water right services. Rich Walpole has been employed as an industrial and manufacturing engineer with Columbia Northwest Engineering and Columbia Water Services since 2001. Rich serves as the Business and Project Manager for Columbia Water Works and has served as Business Manager and Project Manager for Columbia Northwest Engineering. Rich has extensive experience and expertise in: Water Rights; Water System design and operations; Water Source Approval; Local, State & Federal Water Regulations; Water Treatment; and, water system operations and management. Rich has an engineering background as a Senior Project Engineer in: Industrial Construction; Industrial Chemical Plant Design and Industrial Plant Manufacturing Operations. Rich has served as a Senior Production Staff Engineer and Department Manager for industrial manufacturing plants and facilities.

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