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Columbia Northwest Engineering, P.S's planning services include studies and permitting for the following types of projects and studies:

  • Federal and State Permitting Process
  • Developer Impact Studies
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Growth Management Plans
  • Traffic Analysis Streets & Roadways
  • Water/Sewer System Studies
  • DOH Source Approval For Water Systems
  • Drainage Analysis & Erosion Control
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Volumes Surveys
  • JARPA Permits
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys

Project Presentation

We are experienced in professionally presenting your project to planning commission/city councils, local citizens or special interest groups. We can answer technical questions they may have, as well as outline for them any options you may wish them to be aware of. We will present your ideas in lay terms readily understood by the average citizen.

Agency Interaction

We have extensive experience dealing and working with government entities. We understand their various requirements and permitting needs from conception through completion. Granted projects require extensive record keeping, inspection and documentation. We are trained and staffed to meet these funded project requirements.

We enjoy on-staff experience with grant applications, including knowing what agencies are looking for in an application. We know how your application should be structured for maximum effect and what federal and/or state regulations may govern the granting agencies. We are knowledgeable with project management issues and final closeout requirements for state and federal granted projects.

Site Development

Complete civil engineering and surveying services are available for individual sites, subdivisions, and commercial/industrial developments. Services provided during the application/review process phase include boundary and topographic surveys, plats, drainage and flood plain studies, wet lands surveys, JARPA applications, traffic studies, State highway access permit and utility applications, site grading and erosion control plans, street and utility designs, water and wastewater treatment, and utility coordination.

Columbia NW Engineering, P.S.'s established working relationships with the local governmental agencies can be instrumental for clients in gaining project approval. During the construction phase, available services include: contract administration, inspection, construction staking, and quality control.

Real Estate Appraisal and Acquisition

We offer real estate appraisal and acquisition services fully capable of meeting all the necessary requirements of federal and state funding sources. The services are completed through associates in Wenatchee and/or Yakima.

Environmental Biology

We offer wet land delineation and studies, critical habitat evaluations and other environmental issues that may arise during projects. The services are completed through associates in Okanagan and/or Cheney.

Engineer Studies and Surveys

We have the personnel and resources to develop the various studies/surveys - some of which are required for eligibility to receive Public Works Trust Fund loans, Transportation Improvement Board low interest loans and some grant funds:

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Water/Sewer Rate Studies
  • Development Fees
  • Developer Impact Studies
  • Growth Management Plans

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

We have extensive experience in wastewater treatment and are capable of producing capacity studies, need projections and assisting in development of feasibility studies/reports for your specific needs.

Services include planning and design of distribution and collection systems, as well as small treatment facilities. We are experienced in providing these services for individual residences, industries, municipalities and special districts.